Student living costs in the Netherlands

The cost of living in the Netherlands depends on the student’s habit of expenditure on items such as food, transportation, books, entertainment, clothes and others. In addition to the monthly expenses such as rent for housing and bills for electricity, gas, water and the internet, provision should be made for insurance.

Studies have shown that the student's average expenses in the Netherlands range from € 800 to € 1100 per month.

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Housing also depends on the city where the student lives. Living in big, bustling cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam is more expensive than other cities. In addition, housing in the city centre is more expensive than housing on its outskirts. The approximate cost of housing for a student with an average income is between € 300 and € 600 per month.

Bills: The cost of gas, electricity, water and the internet is included in the rent if the student lives in a dormitory. If he/she lives in an independent room or apartment, the approximate cost of the total bills is around € 160 per month.


Food is expected to take up one-third of the student's monthly expenses, but the Netherlands is characterized by a variety of grocery shops and restaurants catering to Arab, Turkish, Asian and European people and cater to a variety of budgets.

On Average: a cup of coffee is € 1,50 a medium sandwich € 3 a can of Pepsi € 1,50 a meal in a fast food restaurant like McDonald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken is € 7.

Other costs

Transportation: Most Dutch people use a bike as their  main form of transport within the city, but if you want to use the bus inside the city, a ticket costs € 1,30. Most students use the student discount on their travel card.

Telecom: Many Dutch people have a monthly contract with telecommunications companies, which gives the subscriber free calls to any network in the Netherlands and five GBs of data at a cost of € 15 to € 20 per month.

Hair cut: from € 15 to € 20

Cinema ticket: € 11