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Medical care in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has always been one of the most pre-eminent countries for scientific research and technological advancement which makes it a destination for patients from all over the world. Dutch health care system is classified among the best in the world and that's due to the vast experience that the Dutch specialists and physicians have gained through out the years. Hospitals and medical centres in the Netherlands are highly efficient and use the most modern medical equipment and most up-to-date medical treatments.

How we can help

Link international provides comprehensive services designed and developed to connect patients from overseas to the hospitals and medical centres in the Netherlands. We make sure that our clients benefit from one of the best medical care systems in the world.

Qualified team

From the general practitioner in every neighbourhood to the highest specialists, the Dutch medical team is staffed with people who are qualified and expert in all aspects of treatment. Dutch physicians and specialists are known worldwide for their dedication and accuracy

best doctors in the world Holland

Best medical treatment in Holland

Most recent technology

The Netherlands is considered one of the leading countries in using the latest technological advancements  available in the medical sector.  Almost every hospital and medical centre in the Netherlands is equipped with cutting-edge medical devices and equipment. The availability of imaging, screening, MRI and other modern technologies make the diagnosis very accurate.

Best care

Nurses and medical caretakers at any Dutch hospital are no less than those devoted doctors. They take good care of their patients and they make sure he/she gets all the necessary comfort and attention


Best medical care in Europe Holland

Services we offer

Doctors in Netherlands

Medical Consultations

We submit the patient's medical reports and examinations to the specialist in the Netherlands, and provide the patient with a second opinion.

Treatment cost in The Netherlands

Cost estimation

The estimated cost of treatment is clarified to the patient prior to his/her travel to the Netherlands.


Holland visa

Visa assistance

We will guide you through the entire visa application process. We also provide you with all the necessary documents to fulfil the Dutch embassy requirements.

Bank transfer in the Netherlands


We complete all necessary transactions regarding documents and bank transfers.


Living in the Netherlands


Adequate and comfortable accommodation will be ready for you. We make sure that it is as close to the hospital as possible. It will be near all the services that you might need.

Airport pick in The Netherlands

Airport pick-up

Once you arrive in the Netherlands, you’ll find someone at the airport holding a sign with your name on it to take you to your accommodation.

Driver in Holland


We offer you a transport that suits you during your stay in The Netherlands. We also hire a chuffer that speaks your language. He will be ready to take you anywhere you want.

Translation Holland


An interpreter will always be there to translate for you both inside and outside the hospital. Our interpreters are professional and will help you to sort out any issues.

Treatment in Holland


We arrange recreational programs while undertaking treatment  or for recuperation and convalescence in the best medical centres in the Netherlands.

Medical tourism in Holland

Medical Tourism

We design therapeutic tourism programs that combine comprehensive medical examinations with visiting the best places in the Netherlands.

Dutch Medical Staff

Medical staff Netherlands
Doctors in Netherlands