Real estate in the Netherlands- Rotterdam city

Real Estate in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is renowned for its distinctive buildings and architecture, which is unparalleled anywhere else.  It is a source of inspiration for many designers and architects around the world. In addition to their stunning medieval buildings they have a distinctive flair which gives a modern touch to their living spaces which, in turn, gives their homes a beautiful look. The Netherlands is considered one of the ten happiest countries on Earth and the reason for that is due to the temperate climate, the canals and rivers that pass through many Dutch cities, beautiful nature parks and the beautiful fields of flowers . This is coupled with the high moral standards that characterize the Dutch people. There is a growing demand for property and real estate investment in the Netherlands. Link International will find the right property, based on the customer's desires and the purpose of the property, as a personal residence or a commercial or rental investment. We can also assist with finding a property you can rent for a short period.

Why should you own a property the Netherlands

Checkmark Link InternationalOne of the best places to live in

Checkmark Link InternationalGreat opportunity for investment

Checkmark Link InternationalStable and mature economy

Checkmark Link InternationalContemporary architecture

Checkmark Link InternationalFriendly people and welcoming society

Services we offer

Real estate in The Netherlands

Offer and Consultancy

The company offers the best properties according to your stated specifications and standards. We also offer you advice and guidance to assist you to buy the right property.

Invest in Holland

Property investment

Real estate investment in the Netherlands attracts businessmen from all over the world.
We will help you by finding the proper investment for you.

Living in Holland


Whether you are alone or with your family, we will help you to lease a suitable house or apartment for either short or long-term stays.

Holland visa

Visa assistance

We will guide you through the entire visa application process. We also provide you with all the necessary documents to fulfil the Dutch embassy requirements.

Design your house in The Netherlands

Property restoration

In case your dream property requires restoration or redecoration, we will provide with professional engineers and workers to transform it into the way you want it to be.

Get your house in The Netherlands


We will take care of the settlement process including the provision of all the required paperwork to complete the purchase of your property.

Typical Dutch Houses and Apartments

House in Holland real estate